Questions & Answers


Q: Does the Suzuki Extended Protection (SEP) contract duplicate my Suzuki’s standard limited warranty coverage?
A: SEP runs CONCURRENTLY with the standard limited warranty and provides additional benefits during this period. It then continues with exceptional coverage long after the standard limited warranty expires.

Q: Who backs the SEP plan?
A: SEP is fully backed by Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. If you should ever have a problem, any authorized Suzuki dealer will perform covered repairs through Suzuki Extended Protection.

Q: What is covered and what is not covered?
A: SEP covers all major components, parts and systems (including all seals and gaskets) on your new Suzuki. Normal wear or maintenance items, such as tires, brake pads, clutch plates, oil filters and batteries, are not covered. For specific details, please refer to the SEP service contract.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to keep my SEP contract in effect?
A: Yes! You must maintain your Suzuki motorcycle or ATV according to Suzuki’s recommendations. See the maintenance schedule in your Suzuki owner’s manual for details.

Q: What should I do if I have a mechanical failure?
A: First, get your Suzuki to an authorized Suzuki dealership. Bring your SEP contract and/or number, and your maintenance record logbook. With your authorization, the dealership service manager will determine the cause of the failure, estimate the cost of the repair and then contact SEP for a claim authorization number. You will be notified as to the covered repairs, and any repair costs to you (if there are any). Upon approval, repairs will be completed.

Q: Can I transfer my SEP if I sell my Suzuki?
A: Provided you still have some coverage (time) left on your SEP contract, simply send us a signed letter requesting transfer, and include your service contract number, the new-owner information, a copy of the bill of sale, a copy of your maintenance log and a small transfer fee. It’s easy!