Find out if your Suzuki Motorcycle/ATV is eligible for the Suzuki Extended Protection Plan
You’ve worked and thought hard before buying a new Suzuki, and now it’s yours. You made a great choice in Suzuki because its quality, performance and durability are second to none. A lot of owners just like you have made the smart purchase decision: to buy a Suzuki Extended Protection plan, an exclusive product of American Suzuki Motor Corporation.

While Suzuki’s production techniques and materials, as well as its standard warranties, are the best, today’s motorcycles and ATVs have become increasingly complex. In addition, parts and repair costs have accelerated as fast as the technology. While mechanical failures are rare in today’s Suzuki models, you can protect yourself from potentially high costs for years after your
standard warranty runs out by investing in extended protection.

SEP can be added only during the Suzuki Limited Warranty period, so don’t wait! You can purchase SEP from any authorized Suzuki dealer or directly from Suzuki online or by phone today. Now is the time to take advantage of the Suzuki Extended Protection plan. SEP initially runs concurrently with your Suzuki Limited Warranty (giving you additional benefits), and then continues giving you top-quality protection for years to come.
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